Funerals at Christ & St. Luke’s

“I am the Resurrection, and I am the Life, says the Lord.”

As soon the death of a loved one occurs or is imminent, please contact the clergy emergency number (found on the church’s voicemail) to schedule a priest visit, funeral and burial. A priest will come immediately and offer special prayers and anointing at the time of death. Advance planning is strongly encouraged. Planning sheets are available in the parish office and any of the clergy would be happy to meet with you to plan your funeral. Copies of advance funeral plans are kept on file at church.

Niches in the Columbarium, located in the garden to the right of the church on Olney Road are available for purchase. Each niche holds two urns of ashes which includes the faceplate with names together with the dates of birth and death. For more information please contact the church office at gro.sekultsdnatsirhc@eciffo or 757-389-7237.

Join us for an in-person Sunday service at 8am or 10:15am, no RSVP necessary, or watch the virtual service here.