Watch the video below to see what’s going on and where you’ll be able to sit this Sunday.

Challenges Create Good Stories: This Sunday at Church

When you arrive for services this Sunday, you will encounter some temporary but significant disruptions. A large portion of the main Nave (sanctuary) and half of the Choir sections are now covered in scaffolding extending to the ceiling. The purpose is to replace the 1910 electrical wiring, add smoke detectors and new lighting, and remove the back windows for refurbishment and repair.

Seating for both the 8:00 am and 10:15 am Holy Eucharists will be provided in the Chapel and a portion of the Nave. Both services will be celebrated at the Chapel altar. We can expect the scaffolding to remain in place until around the middle of December. Ushers will be available to show you to your seats for the 10:15 Eucharist. The 8:00 HE will not be affected.

Even with this disruption, you can expect the usual full program of music and worship, and we will work hard to make your worship experience as inspiring and enriching as always. Also, at 10:15 am, the Chapel altar will be used for healing only. Communion will be administered standing.

A friend of mine once said that challenges create good stories. So be sure to take pictures of the scaffolding so we can all share stories about this pilgrimage we are on to save and restore this great treasure that God has placed within our hands. This is an adventure we are all taking together.


Join us for an in-person Sunday service at 8am or 10:15am, no RSVP necessary, or watch the virtual service here.