Due to the rising cases of infection in our area, we are asking everyone to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status. Check out the COVID FAQs here.

Update from Fr. Win, Aug. 18, 2020

Dear Christ and St. Luke’s Community:

I can imagine by now that you are wondering when we will be able to regather in the church building for worship.

After consulting with our Regathering Panel as well as the Bishop and other clergy, I believe that it is not yet a safe time to announce a firm date for regathering.

The cases of COVID have continued to spike in our Norfolk area and there are a few parishioners who have tested positive for the virus.

Following best practices right now, we believe that our virtual services provide the highest quality and safest worship experiences. I explored the possibility of delivering prepackaged, consecrated communion to homes, but the House of Bishops of the Episcopal Church believes that the very nature of communion is a sacred meal for the community gathered physically.

So what can you expect?

  1. We will not set a date to regather for worship in the building until we see two weeks of steady decline of new cases in Norfolk. We are monitoring this number carefully as well as looking at other data.
  2. We will put energy and resources into providing the best possible online worship, soon to be enhanced by six high definition cameras which are being installed at the present time.
  3. When we do regather in the building, the Liturgy will be a quiet, contemplative Holy Eucharist somewhat like the 8:00 service. Organ or instrumental music will be provided but no choral or congregational singing, unless it was recorded at an earlier, pre-pandemic time.
  4. The clergy are available to bring the reserved sacrament to be administered to you at our outer door upon request.

As people of faith, we always want to be mindful of the most vulnerable. In the meantime, we know that church is more than a building and we are delighted to offer ministries and programs online during this time.



(The Rev. Canon) Win Lewis