Due to the rising cases of infection in our area, we are asking everyone to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status. Check out the COVID FAQs here.

Thursday Lunch Ministry

We have been given permission from the diocese to continue serving our community in our Thursday Lunch Ministry. Thank you to all who donated last week! We had a wonderful donation turnout to feed our homeless & the vulnerable in our community. Nicole, head of our Lunch Ministry, requests the following items for this upcoming Thursday:

  • Individually wrapped snack items (small bags of chips, apple sauce cups, fruit cups, packaged cookies, etc)
  • Bottled water
  • Nonperishable canned food (vegetables, meats like canned chicken, canned tuna, pasta sauce, etc)
  • Packaged dinners (boxes of Mac & Cheese, boxes of pasta, etc)

Donations can be brought to the church every Wednesday, including today, from noon to 5PM. If you have any of these to spare, drop off donations at the Church Office Entrance (go through the iron gates off Olney Road to the right of the church. Walk straight up the path, up the stairs to the open wooden outer door.) You may leave the donations in the vestibule between the outer and inner door. 

Again, thank you all. We are in this together. 

COVID-19 Resources

We have created a special page with resources for you during this pandemic. Please visit the page and make use of those resources. As always, contact us with any questions.