At Christ and St. Luke’s we often say that “All are welcome at CSL.” Now we want to add, “and all are safe.” Christ and St. Luke’s is committed to be a haven for our people touched by substance addictions and to those hurt by the collateral damage caused to the people touched by the addicted. The Diocese has developed an intentional effort toward this ministry and your vestry had endorsed the role of the church in being a safe haven as an important part of the mission of our parish.

With haven as a goal, we want to offer support, resources, and a connected, understanding community. Human and spiritual connection and love and belonging are some of our most fundamental needs. What addiction has damaged, human connection reverses by supporting social, physical, and emotional contact and healing. Communities are an essential part of addiction recovery because they not only help heal from the damage of addiction, but they also offer ways for people to help others.

Our efforts are not intended to substitute for the many organizations serving the recovery community but instead be a local and personal way for our CSL community to reach out to each other in support and help.

We are dedicating this Sunday, September 15, 2019, as Recovery with…

  • Sunday’s Sermon “I was a lost sheep,” The Reverend Canon Win Lewis
  • Sunday Forum with a Diocesan Representative
  • After 10:15 Service, Discussion and Questions in the Art Gallery Room on the lower level
  • Coffee Hour in Lloyd Hall with a Resource Table