Sunday forum, Fall 2019

Join us for a 9-week conversation on 3 of the major themes of the Bible:
Creation, Revelation, and Redemption.

This fall we will explore three major themes of the biblical story from the perspectives of both the Christian and Jewish traditions. We will have several wonderful teachers joining us, including our special guest, Rabbi Michael Panitz.

Explore the resources below to keep up with the conversation. If you have any questions, please email gro.sekultsdnatsirhc@murofyadnus.

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Handouts & Documents

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Sunday Forum, Fall 2019
Creation handout, Part 1, Win Lewis
02-10-2019 7:16 70.3 KB
Rabbi Michael Panitz, Jewish Perspectives on the Concept of Creation
09-10-2019 9:10 4.3 MB
How Do We Know What Kind of God God Is?
20-10-2019 12:24 804.4 KB
New Redemption - Jess Stribling
10-11-2019 9:44 957.2 KB

Video Archive

Watch the videos below, or view the YouTube playlist here.

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