On Monday, January 22, the crew from Foley-Baker, Inc. will arrive at Christ and St. Luke’s to start the dismantling of our pipe organ. This is the culmination of four years of planning and hard work and the beginning of the renovation of our church interior.

The crew will be working every day for two weeks to safely dismantle the entire organ, including the 3500 pipes, wind chests and reservoirs, blowers, electrical wiring, and numerous wooden racks and mounts. During these two weeks, there will be some visible disruption to our services, although we will try to keep it to a minimum. We expect the work to finish on Friday, February 2.

Closings and Relocations

On Sunday, January 28, you will see scaffolding in the Chancel. As a result of this important and much needed renovation, Selden Chapel, and possibly the South Aisle, will be closed to accommodate the large pipes and pipe trays before loading them onto the tractor trailers that will bring them to Connecticut. The Sunday 8am, Thursday 7am, and “Moments of Joy” services will be relocated to the front of the Church during these two weeks. The “portable” altar will be moved out for these services.

A temporary digital organ will be installed during this time to allow us to continue to provide the type of worship service that we know and love . You will notice large speakers that will remain in the church for most of 2018. Upstairs in the Children’s Chapel, the stage and music library will be cleared in order to prepare for the construction in the organ chambers.

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