During Easter Week (April 5-11), with the Vestry’s concurrence, I am closing the parish office (literal and virtual) to give our hard working staff a much needed sabbath after this demanding winter. It has been more than a year since some of us have actually been able to disengage from our work and ministry. It is time now for some soul replenishment. I am also including myself in this sabbath week. 

None of us will be available to receive or return messages or phone calls during this time. As your Rector, I believe it is my responsibility to make sure your parish staff members take care of body, mind and spirit. As a priest, it is part of my ordination vows.

You may send emails or leave voicemails, but please understand that you will get a response after the 11th of April.

You will not be left comfortless, however. 

  • Fr. Jess Stribling and Fr. Vince Connery will be on call for pastoral emergencies. 
  • Fr. Jess: ten.xoc@gnilbirts.j or (757) 201-8151 (M); 757-201-8151
  • Fr. Vince: moc.liamg@vyrennoc or (757) 274-4063

I will leave it to their discretion as to whether I would need to be contacted. 

Thank you so much for your care and support during this week.

A very Happy Easter and much love to you all. I am so grateful for all of you and deeply grateful for the work of our clergy and lay staff during this challenging time.



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