We are excited to introduce a new feature to our site that allows you to post prayer requests and view prayer requests. It’s a great way to keep clergy and the parish informed of your prayer needs and to support one another in new ways. Please be patient with us as we moderate your requests.

Getting Started

1. You can find the new prayer wall at christandstlukes.org/pray.

2. Once there, click the “Share Your Prayer Request” button. It looks like this:

3. Fill out the form with your details. You can choose how you would like your request to be shared with the drop-down that looks like this:

What the Different Sharing Settings Mean

  • Choosing “Share This” will post your prayer request publicly on our site’s prayer wall with your name so that anyone can see it and pray for you.
  • Choosing “Share This Anonymously” will post your prayer request publicly on our site’s prayer wall without your name so that people can still pray for you but without your name being attached to the request.
  • Choosing “DO NOT Share This” will allow only the necessary staff and clergy to see your prayer request and pray for you.

4. Check the spam protection box and click “Submit Request.”

That’s it! Now you can post prayer requests and pray for others. Please note that all requests are moderated before appearing online in order to prevent sensitive information or spam posts. Contact the Church Office with any questions.