Just this past month Christ & St Luke members were able to provide lifesaving funding to Nazareth Mission Hospital in Nairobi Kenya. Funds were allocated for the Out-Patient Care (OPD) of six children in the villages adjacent to Nazareth Hospital. Each child was among the “poorest of the poor” children in Kenya. Elizabeth was one of the children receiving care.

Elizabeth is 9 years old and attends the Allamano School, primary grade two. She lives with her single mother, casual laborer in the neighboring tea fields, and two siblings. Elizabeth came to the outpatient department with headaches and vomiting. She received blood tests, negative results, but the medical staff suspects Elizabeth lacks sufficient nutrition.

This beautiful child has returned to school. On behalf of Elizabeth, our Together for Kenya co laborers and a special thank you Christ and St Luke’s members. Thank you for caring!

Please consider joining us in 2019 for our next Pilgrimage to Kenya. Please contact the Church Office for details.

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