Dear Christ and St Luke’s Parish Family,

On April 28 many of you participated in a fun and joyous event celebrating the completion of phases 1-3 of the renovation of our historic church. You learned that with careful planning for the design work, construction costs and financing, we were able to tackle far more serious problems than anticipated. But we did it! Even better, we did it without incurring any debt.

The funding of these phases was a patchwork quilt from many sources including: historic tax credits, a generous gift, and of course your thoughtful and generous contributions. Of the total costs, 38% came from the capital campaign. Through judicious management of cash flow, we were able to be free from debt in keeping to the commitment we made to you.
Now it’s time to move on to phase 4: renovating the Parish House and Lloyd Hall to improve use of current space, adding an elevator, new entrance, and energy efficient HVAC. We have been trying to create an adequate fully functioning Parish House since 1936! This time we are in a unique position to get it done. All of the elements are in place to move forward: approvals from city planning and DHR (historic tax credits), 2 grants ready to be used, architectural construction documents 95% complete, and the contractor are all in place. Regarding construction costs, it is a moving target. The goal is to lock in the best rates possible. But before signing anything, we need to have financing in place.

There is a small gap between what we need and what we already have. How much? We do not know except that it will be a smaller amount than what we needed for the first 3 phases. We will keep you updated on our progress.

We need your help. We need to gauge the parish’s commitment to completing our renovations. There are various ways to show your support.

  • One is to add to or make an additional pledge.
  • For those who have a multiple year pledge, consider extending it an additional 1 or 2 years.
  • Give an additional one-time gift.
  • For those who haven’t given or are new to our parish family, we welcome and encourage your participation.

Please help us gauge interest by filling out this 1-question survey here.

Please look for and complete it to let us know which of these options is right for you. Once we have a good idea of where we stand with financing, we will let everyone know. If you have any questions about our renovations or financing, please call Jeff Tanner or Jim Dille, our Wardens.

This time, with everything in place, we are in the unique position of being able to renovate our parish house. As a community of faith and with your help, we will continue to move forward.

Ray Gindroz
Chair of the Steering Committee

*We have a matching challenge grant in place. Every new pledge received up to $300,000 goes toward receiving this money!

Join us for an in-person Sunday service at 8am or 10:15am, no RSVP necessary, or watch the virtual service here.