Now that Christ & St. Luke’s has committed to phase 4 of the renovation of the Parish House and Lloyd Hall, the “Build the Future” capital campaign is well underway! 

Our goal is to raise 1.4 million to fill the gap between what we anticipate and what we have. We have made significant progress! Thus far 38 individuals/families have contributed a total of $344,000 in new pledges. We are pleased to say that we reached (and exceeded) the 300k in new pledges necessary to complete the 300k matching gift. Thank you to those who helped get us there and thank you to the generous anonymous donor who gave it!

Volunteers are continuing to reach out to each family over the coming month. Thank you to those who have already given and thank you to everyone for taking the time to listen when they call. There are a variety of ways to make a gift, including by extending your previous campaign pledge for one or two years.  

With your help we will continue to move forward to preserve and modernize the Parish House and Lloyd Hall into the 21st century!  Stay tuned for updates.

The ‘Build the Future’ campaign committee

Join us for an in-person Sunday service at 8am or 10:15am, no RSVP necessary, or watch the virtual service here.