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Christ and St. Luke's Church stands at the crossroads.  Not only is this place of beauty important for those who worship here and call it their home, but also for the larger community, as a gathering place for civic and cultural functions.  We have been charged to maintain our historic buildings so that we can pass it down to future generations.  

A Master Plan has been developed to help us strategize and prioritize our goals and objectives.  A series of projects have been identified and they will be executed as funds are available.

A Prayer for the Capital Campaign

Gracious and loving God, you shower us with gifts beyond measure. We thank you for the ageless gift of this church of Christ and St. Luke's, whose worship, music, and community create a world of wonder in which it is so easy to fall in love with you. We are mindful that you have given us at this moment a great challenge in calling us to preserve for future generations this magnificent building of unsurpassed beauty filled with sacred music that transforms our hearts, inspires our lives and moves us to welcome all into your healing embrace. Give us the grace, we pray, to move forward in faith - generous in our giving, free of anxiety and trusting in your guidance every step of the way. All this we pray in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Summary and Updates
Congratulations! As of December 24, 2016, we have reached our $2.5 million goal, with an additional $1 million matched through a challenge grant.  We have more to go, and will be continuing our campaign to reach our ultimate goal of $5 million. 
Critical issues that are plaguing our historic buildings and threatening our ability to fulfill our mission: 
• Flooding, leaking roofs and failing mechanical systems. 
• The organ is damaged and future use is in jeopardy. 
• Our facilities do not reflect our congregation’s welcoming hospitality due to inaccessibility. 
• We can no longer use the basements of the Parish House and Lloyd Hall for future program activities. 
Addressing these issues with a Master Plan:
• Outlines a long-term coordinated approach. 
• Provides a list of projects that can be completed as funding becomes available. 
• Enables us to do it in a fiscally prudent manner over time in a series of Master Plan projects. 
Our Master Plan projects: 
• Repair and refurbish the organ. 
• Preserve the interior of the church by enhancing and restoring the mechanical systems, heating and cooling systems, stained glass windows, floor, pews, lighting, walls and exterior stone and roof of the church. 
• Add an elevator and more accessible bathrooms between the Parish House and Lloyd Hall to enable more efficient and accessible use of the Parish House. 
• Remodel the interior of the Parish House and Lloyd Hall (see details below). 
• Provide a new, single entrance between the Parish House and Lloyd Hall buildings to improve security and accessibility. 
• Improve for the Lychgate Garden by repairing the gate, providing a ramp to the Parish House for accessibility and correcting the drainage problems. 
The overall strategy for remodeling the Parish House is to: 
• Move the choir from the often flooded and unfit basement of the Parish House to the second floor. 
• Move the children’s program to Lloyd Hall to provide better access and security, and ensure that all children's programming is on the first floor. 
• Create more meeting room space, a parlor and a nursery on the first floor; and 
• Relocate the offices to the second floor while providing space for a reception desk on the first floor. 
• Build an elevator to ensure the necessary level of accessibility is achieved within the remodeled Parish House. 
Prioritizing our Master Plan Projects: 
• Our goal is to accomplish as much of this list as possible as soon as possible. 
• Some work items must be done as part of a single large scale project, while others can be done over time. 
• Our most urgent items are: 
1. The organ and related work. 
2. The church building including: mechanical systems, cleaning and repairing the interior stone, floors and pews. 
3. A small infill addition between the Parish House and Lloyd Hall with an elevator and new bathrooms, in order to be able to achieve the overall strategy for more effective use of the Parish House. 
The first step to begin fulfilling our Master Plan is funding.
• As of December 24, 2016, we have reached our $2.5 million goal, with an additional $1 million matched through a challenge grant.  Congratulations! We have more to go, and will be continuing our campaign to reach our ultimate goal of $5 million.
• Pledges are payable over five years. 
• Apply for Historic Tax Credits and explore other funding sources.
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If you have questions, plese don't hesisitate to contact the Church Office or Canon Win Lewis.

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If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to contact the Church Office or Canon Win Lewis.