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Latest News
CSL Master Plan
Christ and St. Luke's has embarked on a Master Planning Process to restore and update our historic buildings.  Please click here to learn more about the process and how you can help.
Upcoming Events

Thursday Evening Eucharist, Supper & Discussion during Lent
Thursdays in Lent beginning March 9, there will be a Eucharist followed by a soup and salad supper. During supper, Fr. Win and Fr. Grant will lead a discussion on building the Body of Christ - at work, at home and at church. The service will be held in the choir section of the church and will begin at 5:30 p.m.supper will follow in Lloyd Hall.  March 9, 16, 23, 30, April 6

Sunday, March 26, 3pm *please note change of time

A Bach Crescendo
The Annual Allen Shaffer Concert
The Fifth Anniversary concert of the Annual Allen Shaffer Concert Series will be performed in the intimate surroundings of Christ and St. Luke's beautiful Gothic Selden Chapel. The performing artists include soprano Billye Brown Youmans; flutist Patty Watters, cellist Jeffrey Phelps, and harpsichordist Allen Shaffer. The program, entitled “A Bach Crescendo”, includes solo, chamber and vocal music for from one to four performers.   Tickets $10, Students Free.
Palm Sunday, April 9, 5:30pm
Music for Passiontide
Ensembles from Old Dominion University, led by Bianca Hall, present music for Passiontide, an hour long meditation of music composed for Holy Week observances.  Music includes Monteverdi’s Christe, Adoramus te, Schütz’s Die Sieben Worte Jesu Christi am Kreuz, and Bach’s magnificent cantata 182 Himmelskoenig, sei willkommen.  Free.
Impact 2017 Stewardship Campaign

Consider making a pledge to Christ and St. Luke's. Our pledges are our commitment of our earthly treasure to the glory of God and to his work in the world through the ministry of our beloved Christ & St. Luke's. Our pledges support our talented clergy and staff who care for each of us, the music that inspires us, the many parish programs that bring meaning to our lives and the maintenance of the signature buildings that provide our sacred space. 

Why I give
A four-part series written by Melissa Page Deutsch

Part I: Gifts of Connection

Much as I like to dwell in the company of my thoughts, I finally realize, after all these years that I can't find God in my head at all.

I find God in my connections.

Since childhood, I've tried to figure out God and Jesus, to find the link between what I've learned from books and religious leaders and what I experience first-hand in this life that I live. Is it too much to ask for a little cognitive resonance from my religious beliefs?

I'm envious of people who know the answers.

My brain stumbles when confronted with spiritual mystery, and I become an outsider to my faith. Authentic answers just aren't hidden in my mind, waiting for me to finally "get it."

Instead, I've come to discover that glimpses of the divine await me in my engagements. They sneak up sideways and surprise me when I'm caught up doing something else entirely besides my spiritual sleuthing. Sometimes it's a private date with life's gifts, like enjoying a breathtaking sunrise over the river, the privilege of sitting with a loved one who is dying, the peace that comes from gazing at my children asleep.

And there God is again, out in the world in the connections I share in my community. Certainly, one of life's great gifts to me is Christ and St. Luke's. I connect with something bigger than myself when I sit in a pew, surrounded by the beauty of our architecture and lifted by the transcendent voices of our choir. In these moments, I'm convinced; I've been allowed a sneak peek into heaven.

But it's the less orchestrated connections that nourish me over the long haul. I treasure my friendships, both new and old, within this church family. My family and I have received such generous gifts from the giving hearts that are drawn to this space: meals, hugs, opportunities to serve. I'm especially grateful to be connected to a fellow Carolina fan who will trash talk the other teams with me (I'm talking to you, David Roberts).

Come to think of it, life's gifts are all over the place, aren't they? They're out there and in here, waiting for us to "get it," to connect with them and appreciate them. Opportunities for gratitude abound.

Ned Hallowell said, "It is in connection that we find our best selves." 

And so much more.

Part II: Gifts of Creativity and Connection (i)

Part III: Gifts of Creativity and Connection (ii)

Part IV: The Gift of a Journey

Parish News & Staff Announcements
Episcopal Class 101
Beginning Sunday, January 22nd and continuing through the spring we will be offering Episcopal 101 - Exploring the Faith, Worship and Practices of the Episcopal Church. This will serve as a detailed refresher and update for long term Episcopalians and a membership class for those who are new to the Episcopal Church and would like to join the church when Bishop Magness is here on Sunday, May 14th at 10:15 a.m. No advance sign-up needed. Just come to class and sign up in there. the reference book we will be using is Episcopal Questions, Episcopal Answers