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Inspired by Humans of New York, our parish is on a mission to highlight our congregation's diversity, foster a sense of community and better welcome new members.  Each week, we'll feature someone different from around the parish.  If you're interested in being featured on HOCSL, contact Hannah Martin.


Leonard Fleisig

"Music has always been at the heart of my church experience. I spent four years as a boy chorister at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City. We sang five evensongs a week and two services on Sunday. We sang when Martin Luther King Jr came to preach and we even sang with Ray Charles when he came to visit. So when I hear music in a sacred space I am transported back to a time and space when I was young, innocent and had the world in front of me.

So it was perhaps more than fortuitous timing for me that my arrival in Norfolk and at Christ and St Luke's coincided with the arrival of Kevin Kwan and the renewed emphasis on music as one of C&SL's most vital organs (pun intended.) I love it when the church resonates with one of the anthems I sung as a child. And although I may later deny it, when the choir breaks off into a descant on a favorite hymn I just have one of those moments when I close my eyes and let myself go. I don't know if that qualifies as a spiritual experience but it is a fulfilling one.

Last, it is true that first impressions are indeed vital and my memory of the warm and caring reception I received upon my arrival for my first service here convinced me to return. That includes Win, Grant and the many parishioners who greeted me that day. I am happy to call this my parish."

HOCSL September (2 photos)
This album contains photos of our participants from September 2016.
HOCSL October (2 photos)
This album contains photos of our participants from October 2016.